Scott Chambers


For more than 20 years, Scott Chambers has worked for leading global telecommunication companies. Today he is an LJHBB Business Broking Consultant who excels at using technology as a business solution, solving complex business requirements.

Scott’s venerable history in sales and marketing enables him to manage and develop successful strategies for any kind of business. Over the course of his career, Scott has shown that he is an expert at expanding the sales base of a business. Much of this success is attributable to his genial personality and driven work ethic. These qualities serve to develop new and profitable relationships across the Australasia region.

Scott has been able to expand his own expertise to a varied client base, from newsagents and Nando’s to construction and technology companies. His experience gives him the confidence to implement successful plans the first time, which leads to the best outcome for buyers and sellers, a win/win.

Scott enjoys travelling to new countries with different cultures. However, this hasn’t altered his love of European wines.

Contact Details:

Phone: 02 9552 1111

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